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I studied fine art film photography at both Concordia University & The School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa. I have over 11 years of film shooting and wedding shooting experience. I’ve also worked as a photo lab technician for the last eight years. During my time working at the lab I’ve had the opportunity to become a skillful printer, allowing me to personally care for my clients from start to finish.

My photographic inspirations include the likes of Alec Soth, Vivian Maier, Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, Mary Ellen Mark, John Dolan, Sally Mann, Martin Parr, Gordon Parks, Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, Naomi Goggin and Lucy Birkhead.

I am an intersectional feminist and part of the secular community. I am pro-science and fully vaccinated for the safety of my friends, family and clients. I continue to unlearn biases and I am committed to being anti-racist. I support the following communities and causes: 2slgbtq+, Landback and BLM. I want my clients to know that they can feel safe and secure in their decision to hire me, which is why I feel it is important to state that these are my values upfront.  

Although I am not a religious person, I do not discriminate based on religion. However, if you personally believe that your religion gives you the authority to strip rights away from other human beings and view them as 'less than', it may be best that you seek out a photographer who shares those same views. I will not accept intolerance masked as religion.

I would describe my work as fine art documentary photography with a dreamy touch thanks to the tactile magic of analogue. 

I care about moments more than modeling, authenticity more than perfection, quality more than quantity and being timeless over being trendy.

I find shooting special moments on film truly allows everyone to be present. There is no LCD screen for the client, guests or I to look at and therefore we stay in the moment.

I love genuinely connecting with my clients so it’s important to me that we vibe! 

My ideal client cares about being themselves. They want to see their captured memories as they were, unaltered and unfettered. In other words, this means absolutely no photoshopping bodies or faces and little to no posing except when necessary. They want to let go & have fun. They want to let me do my job while they concentrate on their partner/friends/family. They understand that a tack sharp image doesn’t always equal a good image and a motion blurred image doesn’t always equal a bad image. They love the look and unrepeatable characteristics of film photography. They recognize that there is art in the in-between and they want to create images of artistic and heirloom merit. 

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About Ali Math

About Ali Math